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Exam Settings (Task Steps)

You can set the environment, access terms and conditions under which each exam you add to the task can be taken.

To open the Exam Settings window, click on the  icon at the bottom of the exam that you added to the Task Steps.

Accessibility Settings

  • Active: you can turn on/off access to the exam.
  • Limit Number of Attempts: you can limit how many times each user can take this exam.
  • Set Access Date / Time Interval: You can determine the date between that users can take this exam:
    • Start Date: You can determine from which date the exam will be active for the user to access it.
    • End Date: You can determine until which date the exam will be active for the user to access it.
    • Entry the date and time according to the following example: 2020-12-20 14:00 (year-month-day hour: minute)

If exam accessibility is not Active, the exam cannot be accessed even if the dates are valid.

Browser, Platform, and Operating System Restrictions

You can set restrictions on which browser, platform, and operating system users can take the exam.

  • In the situation of allow all excluding the selected ones below, the exam is not accessible with the selected platform, operating system, and browsers.
  • In the situation of allow only the selected one below, the exam will be accessible ONLY with the selected platforms, operating systems and browsers.

For example, below, we have blocked access to the exam with the Internet Explorer; and with mobileTabletSmartTV and with the Chrome operating system.

Determination Of Surveillance Method

During the exam, through the user’s Web-Cam it is possible to:

  • Take Photographs: 3 photos are taken per minute.
  • Record Video: User videos are saved in one-minute clips during the exam.

In Photo and Video surveillance methods, the user must have a working Web- Cam to start the exam, and the Exam System must allow access to the Web Cam. The required permissions are automatically requested by the Exam System.

Secure Exam Browser

  • Advanced Logging: many types of actions are recorded on the user’s exam screen. See: Exam Log Report
  • Mandatory Full Screen: It puts the user on Full Screen before starting the exam. If the user exits from full screen, the exam is terminated according to the following violation settings:
    • Limiting number of violations: It counts the number of times the user has exited Full Screen, and once the limit is reached, the exam is terminated.
    • Limiting the duration of each violation: If the user exits full screen, the number of seconds the system will finish the exam after will be adjusted. For example, if 15 seconds is set, the test is terminated if the user does not return to full screen mode within 15 seconds after exiting full screen.
    • Limiting the total duration of all violations: if the user commits multiple violations, the exam is terminated if the total violation period exceeds the set time limit.


If you want to receive a notification by email when the user completes an exam, you can add the email addresses to which the notifications will be sent.


If there are more than one exam in the task, the user may be required to meet a set of conditions in another exam in order to begin any of these exams.

Pre-condition options:

  • Mus be completed: if the selected exam is finished by the user, access is granted to the exam.
  • Has score:
    • Sum: the sum of the percentage Success Rates that the user achieved in the selected exam is compared to the rate that we will determine.
    • Average: the average of the percentage Success Rates the user has achieved in the selected exam is compared to the rate we will determine.
    • Number: the number of times the user that has completed the selected exam is compared with the number we will determine.
    • The Highest: the user’s highest success rate on the selected exam is compared to the rate we will determine.
    • The Lowest: the user’s lowest success rate on the selected exam is compared to the rate we will determine.
    • Most Recent: the user’s most recent success rate in the selected exam is compared to the rate we will determine.

When making a comparison, it can be determined to be Greater or Smaller.

You can define many preconditions for an exam. In this case, the user can only take the exam if they have fulfilled all the conditions.

Advanced Reporting Settings

Advanced reporting allows the content of the Exam Result report to be expanded and customized when an exam is completed.

Report Title

You can specify the content to include at the top of the Exam Result report. You can add formatted textlinksimagesaudio filesvideos, and files to the content to use the Rich Content Editor.

Advanced Reporting is checked:

  • The following information will be added to the Exam Results Report;
    • Section and Page reports.
    • Dimension Reports.
    • Result Reports by Folder and Tags of Questions.
    • Side Effect Results Reports.
    • User information obtained via the Data Collection Form.Answers to questions recorded in audio and Video are shown in the Exam Results Report.
  • Evaluation can be made for open-ended questions.

Comparing Test Results

The following options are available for the option for Comparing Test Results:

  • Don’t make a comparison: The comparison of the exam result with the other exam results is not included in the report.
  • Compare with results in this task: A Comparison Report is added, where the exam result is compared with the results obtained by other users in the same exam, within the current task.
  • Compare with results in all tasks: A Comparison Report is added that compares the exam result, with the results of all users in the same exam, in all tasks.

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting allows your Exam Results Report to be enriched to suit your own visual and contextual needs. You can contact us for further information:

Feedback Options

Feedback can be given to the user in two ways: during the exam and after the exam is completed.

Giving Feedback During The Exam

If the Practice Mode option is activated, when users complete a page during the exam they will see:

  • Which of the questions they answer are correct and which ones are incorrect,
  • and the feedback content of the questions they answered incorrectly..

You can see how your exam will behave in Practice Mode by pressing the Preview button on the Exam Preparation page and then selecting Practice Mode.

Giving Feedback After The Exam

If you want users to reach the test results after the exam is completed, select Summary option. In addition:

  • If you select Include Comparison with Norm option, the Comparison Report is added to the Exam Result report that the user will see.
  • If you select Include Custom Reporting option, the Customized Report is added to the user’s test result report.

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