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Listing Exam Results

When an exam is completed, an Exam Result Report consisting of Exam Session InformationLogs recorded throughout the exam and (if any) Surveillance MaterialsExam Paper and Results are automatically generated.

If the user has left the exam process by closing the browser before completing the exam, the system automatically terminates the exam after the exam period has ended and creates the exam result report.

  • Exam Session Information: Information about when the exam was performed, the participants and the device they used.
  • Logs: Records all the important actions of the participant throughout the exam.
  • Surveillance Materials: Collection of photos or videos recorded during the exam.
  • Exam Sheet: Contains all the exam pages and the answers given by the user.
  • Results: the results obtained by the participant are shown.

Listing of the Results

To access the Exam Result Reports, click the RESULTS tab on the Task page.

You can narrow the results selecting the following options:

  • By setting the date range (1)
  • Typing a Group name (2)
  • Filtering by Task’s Step (exam) (3)

As we saw in the Exam Process Management section:

  • When creating Tickets, it is possible to write the name of a group. If we have defined a Group Name on the Ticket, the Exam Results Report will be associated with the same group. You can quickly find the results of a specific group by typing the group name in the Filter by Group field.
  • When creating a task, you may have determined that each user will take multiple exams. In this case, Filter By Task’s Step (exam) only lists the results for the test you selected.

Clicking on the SEARCH button lists the exam results that are appropriate to your selections

Exam Summary Window

From the exam results listed, click on the exam result you want to view the Exam Summary. The Exam Summary Window displays the most basic information about the exam.

According to the Exam Summary displayed in the example above:

  • The participant is the 160th person who got the highest score among 1023 people. This result places him in the 16% percentile.
  • The participant got 29.8 points in the 1st part of the exam (Grammar). The highest score that can be obtained from this section is 36. Consequently, the participant achieved 82.6% success in this section.

When you click REPORT in the upper-right corner of the Exam Summary window, the Exam Result Report is displayed.

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